Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Mortal Pubg, Biography

Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Mortal Pubg, Biography:- Naman Mathur (Soul Mortal) is a popular Indian gamer and online streamer. Naman Mathur is the founder of the Youtube Channel Mortal, where he uploads gaming videos and streams online gaming. Naman Mathur’s channel MortaL has more than 2.3 million plus subscribers on youtube.

Naman Mathur was born on 22 May 1996 and Mortal is 23 years old (As of 2019). Soul MortaL had played so many PUBG game tournaments and he even also won those tournaments.

From the early days of his college life, Soul MortaL decided to stream and engage people – to lift the Indian gaming community to a new level – and to influence people to choose ‘gaming’ as a career option. Soul Owais


Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Mortal Pubg, Biography


Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Mortal Pubg, Biography

  • Real Name:- Naman Mathur
  • Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) Date of Birth:- 22 May 1996
  • Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) Age:- 23 Years (As Of 2019)
  • Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) Birthplace:- Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) Nationality:- Indian
  • Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) Hometown:– Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) School:- Not Known
  • Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) University:- Not Known
  • Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) Educational Qualification:- B.Com
  • Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) Religion:- Hindu
  • Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) Marital Status:- Unmarried
  • Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) Girlfriend:- Raven (Rumoured)
  • Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) Family
  • Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) Father:- Dead
  • Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) Mother:- Not Known
  • Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) Height:– 5’ 5”
  • Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) Weight:- 60 kg
  • Naman Mathur (Soul MortaL) Instagram:-

Naman Mathur

Naman Mathur (Soul Mortal) used to play PS1, PS2, and other games like Contra, Mario, Dangerous Dave, GTA San Andreas, Counter-Strike etc.

Naman Mathur’s Youtube career started with mobile game Mini Militia. In 2015, Naman Mathur started playing Mini Militia and simultaneously started doing online streaming for the same game.

Like most of the Indian parents, Naman Mathur’s parents were also against his passion for gaming. They believed that gaming would give nothing and advised him to focus on his graduation.

When Naman Mathur started his career in gaming, he was doing his B.Com.


Mortal Career

Soul MortaL started his YouTube career in 2016. MortaL used to upload Mini Militia gameplays on his channel. His first PUBG Mobile gameplay Video was uploaded on 20 June 2018.

At the beginning of his YouTube career, Naman Mathur used to upload “Tips and Tricks videos on PUGB Mobile”.

Later in October 2018, MortaL uploaded a video titled ” Every PUBG player will watch this Ending. ” The video went viral, it has over 5.8 million views. From that video, he got a good number of subscribers. Then MortaL started to upload more and more gameplay videos. This led to the rise of his channel.

Soul MortaL then utilized the opportunity and started PUBG Mobile live streaming on his channel. MortaL got over 20K live viewers on his first ever. At some point Soul MortaL was on 3rd on Asia server for some time, achieving this feat takes a lot of efforts.

Currently, MortaL has over 2.3 million subscribers on his channel. MortaL is 3rd biggest Indian streamer after Dynamo Gaming and CarryMinati. MortaL’s channel is growing at a high rate right now. MortaL is gaining 16k subscribers every day. Soul MortaL has a great chance to become the biggest Indian gamer in the future.

Soul MortaL used to play with 3 fingers but to make his gaming skills more dynamics, he switched to 4 fingers clay technique.


Soul MortaL Family

Soul MortaL has a mother and a big brother in his family. MortaL Dad died when he is 3 years old. When MortaL’s father died his mother started a catering business to support the family. MortaL’s brother is a DJ.


MortaL Net Worth

When Soul MortaL started playing PUBG Mobile, he got his first super chat of Rs 40. When Soul MortaL reached 500K subscribers on YouTube, he got a super chat of Rs 10,000 which was his highest super chat at that time.

Naman Mathur makes a decent amount through YouTube. He earns money through YouTube ads, sponsored videos/posts, Donations/Superchats. Also, recently OnePlus sponsored MortaL which a big achievement. Omlet Arcade is also a sponsor of MortaL.


Soul MortaL Girlfriend

This is the most asked question about Soul MortaL. It is rumoured that Rav3n is MortaL’s girlfriend, but it has not been officially said by Soul MortaL. So it remains as a mystery. Most of his fans even joke about this.


SouL MortaL Facts

  • Soul MortaL and his squad were once able to get 51 kills in a single match, which means they killed half of the whole server. This was a record, I’m not sure if the record is broken now. This video is the most popular video on the channel with over 10 million views.
  • Soul MortaL also did promotion for the movie URI with the actor Vicky Kaushal on his YouTube channel.
  • Previously, MortaL played PUBG Mobile mostly on his iPad but now MortaL started playing on his mobile.
  • Soul MortaL‘s team was able to win the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 with a cash prize of Rs. 30,00,000. His teammates were Owais, Viper, Ronak.


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